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Are issues like these keeping you up at night?


Our sales efforts are turning our customers away.

Myrrh has extensive experience in helping clients balance their client retention and revenue generation efforts. Sell too aggressively, and a company can erode its customer base. Sell too weakly, that same company will leave money on the table and erode its profit base. Myrrh helps you thread the needle to optimize profits and customer loyalty.

We have gone as far as we can on our own.

If your organization has managed sales efforts for long, you know each level of increased performance is progressively more difficult to achieve. Internal efforts, by themselves, often produce diminishing levels of improvement. Myrrh’s vault of tools, best practices and vast experience help organizations unlock their potential.

We just can't find many good sales representatives.

Finding great talent to lead, manage or participate in your frontline sales effort has never been more difficult. Myrrh will complement and strengthen your existing sales team or build a new one from scratch using proprietary recruiting and screening tools that will make you an “employer of choice” in your area, sector or industry.

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Dynamic solutions for stagnant sales.


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Our Services

Myrrh offers an array of consulting services from short term, project-based consulting to multi-year comprehensive partnering arrangements. We also specialize in delivering motivational keynote and educational seminars to in-the-trenches workshops that help frontline managers and salespeople hone their revenue generation, customer retention and leadership skills.

Service and Sales Management Partnerships

Myrrh will partner with your organization to build a balanced revenue generating, customer-focused service and sales effort. Clients can expect increases in top line revenue, greater employee motivation and team unity as well as more effective and efficient management.

Project-Based, Short Term Engagements

Projects may range from as low as two days, up into the hundreds over many months.  Work may be performed on-site, remotely, or in some combination of the two. Common projects may include breakthrough motivational and educational training that pushes through internal performance ceilings, sales team evaluations, metrics and incentive evaluations, culture strength building, sales department re-starts, on-site sales coaching, product menu and pricing evaluations and all manner of speaking events.

Side-by-Side, In the Trenches Sales and Service Associate Development

Myrrh prides itself in not only delivering the highest level of frontline seminars in the marketplace, but more importantly, helping clients and frontline teams transfer that knowledge from classroom concept to behavioral change in the field.  The scope of direct sales coaching can vary dramatically from client to client, from a few days intermittently to installing dozens of sales managers working in collaboration with a company’s existing training department to optimize results and strengthen their core teaching curriculum.

Remote Mentoring

Tight budget? Myrrh remote coaching programs  give you online access to some of our best sales talent without having to invest in travel expenses.  Whether used for a one-time intervention or to maintain ongoing motivation and skill development, our experts will produce huge multiples on your training investment while providing you valuable third-party insights.

Technical Behavioral Screening and Talent Sourcing

Myrrh has extensive experience using technical screening tools to identify potential new team members and to identify areas of strength and weakness in your existing team to hone their collective management skill. Benefits include quicker diagnosis and resolution of employee issues, better morale and fewer poor hires which all cut expenses and increase topline revenue.

Convention and Annual Meeting Keynotes,
Training Sessions

Myrrh keynote and convention seminar topics include: Balancing Service and Sales for Optimal Revenue, Controlling Conflict in the Pressured Workplace, Revving Up Revenue in a Down Economy, Situational Coaching, Mastering Sales Metrics among many others. Myrrh speaking sessions consistently rank among the top 5-10% of all convention speakers for content, entertainment, energy, authenticity, professionalism and non-commercialism.






Our Consultants have performed work for these fine organizations.

About Us

Myrrh Consulting is an Orlando-based, privately owned professional services firm that specializes in helping companies and organizations of all sizes dramatically improve their frontline service, sales and organizational effectiveness. The company’s best practices have been forged over 25 years of working side-by-side with tens of thousands of frontline salespeople, managers and leaders from over a dozen industries.


Myrrh is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes, the engines
of a vibrant economy, overcome the burdens of increasing taxation,
inflation and regulation.

Core Values

Hold ourselves to higher level of integrity, character and servanthood than our Clients ever will. Serve our inside and outside Clients aggressively so they can serve theirs impressively. Perpetually learn, share and apply that learning. Give praise where praise is due…to our clients with whom we share The Vision, The Struggle and The Victory, and to The Author of all meaningful success. Bless others as we have been blessed.


Myrrh…About that name…

Myrrh is a highly-valued aromatic spice mostly known for being one of the gifts given to Christ “by the Magi, the three wise kings from the East, in honor of His birth.” Throughout history, its aromatic effects have been used for healing and restoration. “It’s a wise man’s gift of healing, and that is kind of how we see ourselves. We help companies struggling with their culture, service, or sales issues to heal from within using a time tested formula for success.”

– Christopher Brown, Owner


Our Team

We have assembled a dynamic team with diverse skill sets,
who are all focused on ensuring your success.

Christopher P. Brown

Christopher P. Brown

Owner and Principal View Details
Michael L. Stahl

Michael L. Stahl

Partner View Details
Max Pavy

Max Pavy

Financial Analyst & Materials Editor View Details
Brad Wolfe

Brad Wolfe

Director View Details
Timeko Whitaker

Timeko Whitaker

Senior Results Manager View Details
Angela Highland

Angela Highland

Senior Results Manager View Details
Abdel Tawfiq

Abdel Tawfiq

Senior Results Manager View Details
Eric Whitaker

Eric Whitaker

Senior Results Manager View Details
Christopher P. Brown

Christopher P. Brown

Owner and Principal

Executive Profile
Myrrh Owner and Founder, Chris possesses over 25 years of service and sales management experience across numerous industry verticals including travel and tourism, automotive, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, insurance and apartment leasing across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. He is one of the few sales professionals with extensive experience across all five traditional sales platforms: over-the-counter, over-phone (contact center), B2B (territory sales management), web-chat (e-commerce) and multi-level marketing environments.

Chris is the developer of a proprietary service-based sales concept, The Pressure Continuum, which helps companies ensure their frontline sales efforts never increase top-line revenue at the expense of customer retention. A sought after speaker, Chris has delivered hundreds of client and convention seminars across North America to partners and trade associations including The International Carwash Association, The International Customer Management Institute (leading call center trade association,) The Automotive Oil Change Association and The American Car Rental Association.

Before founding Myrrh, Chris spent 12 years with the Frontline Performance Group focused primarily on developing emerging markets.

Prior to his work at Frontline, Chris spent seven years in various inside and outside sales roles with Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group and four years in sales and operations management with Hilton Grand Vacations Club. His last position at DTAG was Regional Sales Manager, Southeast USA where he successfully managed a $42M territory across nine states and Puerto Rico calling on corporate accounts, travel agencies, municipalities, tour companies, Internet travel aggregators, government offices and military installations.

Personal Life
Chris and Eleanor, his wife of fifteen years, have two sons ages twelve and ten. The family lives in Apopka, a small rural suburb of Orlando. Non-denominational Christians, they are active members in their local Adventist Church. In his spare time, Chris enjoys studying economic trends, Biblical antiquity and playing baseball in the local Senior Men’s Baseball League where he plays second base for the Orlando Athletics.

Michael L. Stahl

Michael L. Stahl


Executive Profile
Michael learned the secrets of customer service and results-based management from the Walt Disney Company where he was on the opening team for the world premiere of the Disney/MGM Studios in 1989. As a performance assessment specialist, Michael has worked with corporate teams in over 35 cities across North America and abroad. Having traveled to 22 countries, he understands how to work with diverse cultures to create both positive morale and bottom-line profits.

A gifted speaker, corporate trainer and performance management coach, he has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and organizations to instill the passion of inspired performance. Actively involved in the National Speakers Association, he is a former president of NSA Central Florida. Michael has also written for magazines like Entrepreneurial Edge, Marketplace and is the former Managing Editor of Business Solutions Magazine.

Michael is also a Certified Master Trainer for the Harrison Assessment, a behavioral traits profile used to measure an individual’s performance specifically related to business results. The assessment is a “one-stop shop” for selection and hiring, coaching and development, strategic needs assessment and succession planning. It has an 80-95% positive identification rate in predicting job success in more than 45 roles in sales, leadership, customer service and marketing, to name a few.

As an author, Michael has written two manuals on business success and personal development and is also a contributor to the best-selling book with Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. He has written extensively on the subject of inner motivation and has appeared on CNN Financial News discussing effective business strategies to achieve optimum results.

Personal Life
Michael grew up in Somerset, Pennsylvania and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Business Marketing. In 1987, he was one of only 23 people in the United States to receive the prestigious Horatio Alger Scholarship for Distinguished Americans.

He and Jo Etta, his wife of twenty-one years, are the proud parents of two teenage children, Tristan (19), and Alexa (16). Michael is a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers and Oklahoma State Cowboy football fan. When not cheering on his football teams, Michael enjoys weightlifting and mixed martial arts. A certified black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Michael is a former member of the American Tae Kwon Do Federation national exhibition team.

Max Pavy

Max Pavy

Financial Analyst & Materials Editor

Executive Profile
Max graduated from prestigious Rollins College in Orlando with an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School for Business, and joined Myrrh after assisting the company on several special projects.

He helps Myrrh field teams synthesize client data to look for hidden revenue and cost savings opportunties. His work aids leadership in identifying underlying trends and salesperson impropriety, which leads to more effective incentive sculpting.

In addition, Max edits all new client materials and presentations before moving them to cycles of production.

While working at the consultancy, Max also works alongside the Myrrh leadership team on developing another business interest. As Senior Trade Broker at The Global Xchange, an international trade and barter company, he specializes in helping clients monetize their excess inventory to cut expenses and improve cash flow. Currently in this role, Max helps manage and foster commerce among 200+ business owners across the Central Florida market where he is respected for his ability to facilitate complex trades.

While at Rollins, Max enjoyed a successful career as an infielder on the Tars’ Baseball Team. Before college, he was named Valedictorian at North Fort Myers High School in Southwest Florida, the last student to achieve that honor.

Personal Life
Max has a deep passion for all types of traditional and fantasy sports, sports management and athletic statistics. Building on his baseball playing career, he worked for three years as an intern and then Assistant General Manager for the Winter Park Diamond Dawgs of the Florida Collegiate Summer League.

Living in Winter Park, FL, Max is an exceptional golfer and the anchor of the Myrrh scramble team.

Brad Wolfe

Brad Wolfe


Executive Profile
Brad provides in-field support to client sales representatives in the trenches, helping translate concepts learned in the classroom, into behavior changes on the front line.
His dynamic teaching style and relatability make him a sought-after sales coach and sales management trainer.

Prior to joining Myrrh, Brad was a VP of Sales and Technology for The Global Xchange professional trade and barter company, assisting in the development of the North and South Carolina markets. There he helped grow the division from 100 to 250 member businesses in three years, and helped the company dramatically improve its technology infrastructure.

Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude from Liberty University in Virginia with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Finance. He was a member of the Sigma Beta Delta honors society and played center field for the Liberty Flames Baseball Team.

Personal Life
Brad and his wife Samantha, are the proud parents of two young children. The family resides in Columbia, SC. Brad has two siblings by birth and three additional brothers and sisters who were adopted as teenagers from Ethiopia by his Christian parents.

Timeko Whitaker

Timeko Whitaker

Senior Results Manager

Timeko L. Whitaker, Founder and CEO of Authentic Identity Coaching, LLC is the wife of Eric Whitaker and mother of Daelin and Eyuana. She’s a gifted Life Coach and International Speaker who challenges all to live an authentic life of purpose. Timeko is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant specializing in DISC and a Certified Life/Empowerment Coach through Christian Coaching Institute. Her empowerment seminars and coaching sessions are life changing and continue to impact attendees around the globe. She’s a Certified John Maxwell Team Member, Speaker, Trainer and Coach equipped to develop and train worldwide leaders. Timeko is a published author of “Hidden Identity”, Co –Author of “The Power of Mentorship” w/Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy as well as Publisher Agent of “Peace of Me – Journey of Authenticity”.
Timeko is a part-time television host on TBN’s WCLJ-TV’s “Joy In Our Town” where she interviews community leaders, businesses and organization that are making a difference in our society. Timeko’s goal is to help everyone she encounters to embrace their authenticity and significance. Through speaking, teaching and coaching she motivates others to reach higher heights, embrace values and achieve their goals. With over 20 years of military service culminating in her retirement in 2008 coupled with 10 years of pastoral service, Timeko is equipped to lead, impart and encourage all to achieve greatness.

Angela Highland

Angela Highland

Senior Results Manager

Angela Highland is a successful entrepreneur, certified mentor and business strategist specializing in collaborative problem solving. Through “Inspired Influence”, she supports leaders and companies to improve performance, accelerate growth, and achieve greater results.

Hailing from Winter Park, Florida, she is a 48 year old single mother and business owner. Over 30 years, she has been climbing the ladder of success developing her leadership skills through a variety of management positions at both small companies and large corporations. Through her entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on experience, she has created successful and proven business models and has begun writing her own series of business books and professional development programs.

Currently, she is developing – an interactive and accessible website committed to the empowerment of women by providing a variety of tools and resources to support their personal and professional goals. Through mentorship and thought leadership, she is committed to the success of women on every level and continues to support them as they realize their potential, accelerate their performance, and achieve greater results.

Abdel Tawfiq

Abdel Tawfiq

Senior Results Manager

Abdel possesses over three decades of frontline, revenue generation and management experience across a myriad of customer point-of-sale situations and some of the world’s best known brands. Renowned by clients for producing large gains in topline revenue, Abdel is also beloved for his ability to connect and build bridges of influence with their customer-facing team members and for his driving work ethic.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, he is fluent in three languages: English, French and Arabic. Being trilingual, he has successfully worked with clients across the United States mainland, Hawaii, Canada and Europe improving sales and sales management skills among widely varying cultures.

Also demonstrating his prowess as an entrepreneur, Abdel ran a successful Avis/Budget Rent a Car franchise in Montreal. This ownership experience strengthens his impact as he is able to see challenges from multiple, layered perspectives within an organization and then brings those parties together to achieve and exceed past best performance.

Abdel has raised three children, Saad (33), Amal (27) and Sandra (20), who have each become successful in their own right. When not traveling on business, Abdel loves to cook and follow his other vibrant passion, the Montreal Canadiens.

Eric Whitaker

Eric Whitaker

Senior Results Manager

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, Eric can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Working together, Eric will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

Eric is an experienced trainer of leaders with over 20 years of leadership development expertise that expands across military, corporate and nonprofit sectors. With an undergraduate degree in leadership and vast array of practical, real-world encounters, Eric brings a very common sense, value driven approach to leadership. Eric believes integrity to be a vital and uncompromising component of leadership and a primary ingredient for building a healthy organizational culture. Integrity, honesty, and accountability are characteristics that are at the core of Eric’s being and are laced throughout his training, speaking, and coaching. Discipline and teamwork are foundational principles that were embedded in Eric from his years of honorable service to this country. As a leadership expert, Eric believes these bedrocks must be present and regularly built upon in order to achieve optimal results. As a seasoned trainer, facilitator, coach, and speaker Eric would be honored to use his years of expertise and proven systems to help you align your top priorities and values throughout every facet of your company.


As always, we are honored and humbled by the dozens of gracious comments our valued clients have provided. As thankful and appreciative as we are for their kind words, we understand the recognition we receive for the results we achieve together wouldn't be possible without their passion, support and willingness to move from the "vast undifferentiated middle" or "best in class" in their respective industry to "best in all classes" among all industries. Contact us for an extended testimonial list.

  • “My experience with Chris has been over the top. Chris understands people and how to relate and interact on all levels of any business. Chris has assisted in increasing the quality and revenue of our business over the years. I have truly enjoyed working with him and will always support what he does. Personally he is a genuine person and I recommend him to any and all.”

    -Yoni Epstein, Owner Global Outsourcers, Former Director Call Center Operations,

    Sandals and Beaches Resorts Jamaica

  • “I have known Chris for over 10 years. With his leadership we completed the most successful sales and management program in the automotive rental industry. I have met hundreds of good people over the past 30 years but only a few great people. Chris is one of the GREAT ones. Honesty, integrity, intelligence and focus on objectives are a few traits that make Chris a great asset to any challenge. He is one of the best and I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with and learn from Chris.”

    -Mark Haws, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad Professional and Former Executive VP Fleet and Revenue,

    Advantage Rent a Car Texas

  • Michael and his team’s work with our west coast team is the only training initiative we have ever done that provided us a true return on investment.”

    -Jeff Wyatt, President, Western Region,

    Bowne Marketing and Shareholder Communications New York

  • “I highly recommend Chris Brown. He is a very bright and analytically driven sales management operations guru who shows you how you can improve your sales and service by doing what’s right for the customers and employees.”

    -Timothy Kim, Vice President of Customer Care Operations,

    Experian California

  • “Michael Stahl and his team’s work with the managers, merchants, city officials and Tishman Construction personnel was superior. Their expert blend of content, high-energy delivery and entertaining presentation was both well-received and extremely effective… I recommend their training and development for any organization wanting to create a high performance environment.”

    -John Wong, Senior Vice-President,

    Tishman Construction California

  • “Chris is a high energy engaging speaker who has worked with me to improve the performance of our customer service team. He has provided practical ideas that can be applied directly to our business and help our front line to think about building a relationship with our customers, as opposed to managing a transaction. Chris has also contributed to the team by identifying opportunities where customer service can add value to the order entry process and increase sales.”

    -John Gallagher, Director of Operations,

    Tremron Group Florida

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